Cédric Maton on the subject of Duck Foie Gras


Alain FRANÇOIS duck Foie Gras elected by the chef Cédric Maton

Maison Alain FRANÇOIS and chef Cedric MATON share their passion for Duck Foie Gras.


Cédric MATON and Foie Gras

« Foie Gras is easy to work with: it can be served hot, cold, as a starter or even as an accompaniment because its flavour goes so well with a large variety of foods. I love using it in stuffing or mousses because of the flavour and the soft consistency. A piece of Foie Gras often comes to the aid of a chef seeking that little extra something to give his recipe a lift!»

« For many people Foie Gras conjures up images of Christmas and New Year. It’s a shame, because it can be cooked in so many different ways, for all sorts of occasions. In Thailand, Foie Gras is on restaurant menus all year round. Chefs delight in combining it with exotic fruits, and customers adore it. In Japan, chefs use it with typically Japanese products such as biwa, yuzu and kaki, and it is often served with fish or shellfish. »

Maison Alain FRANCOIS and Cédric MATON: shared values

« I agreed to join forces with Maison Alain FRANCOIS first and foremost because I hold their approach in high esteem. The fact of contacting chefs and giving them the opportunity to express their thoughts about a product is an incredible way of exchanging ideas and techniques. It’s a good way of radically altering the point of view of some people with regard to Foie Gras. »

« Maison Alain FRANCOIS is a family firm that believes strongly in certain values, and that cares deeply about working with artisans from the same local region. The attention given both to production and packaging is evidence of a passion for doing everything as well as you possibly can, which is the leitmotiv for many chefs. And of course this desire to share and to talk with chefs is evidence of an open mind that is the mark of those who seek excellence in what they do. »

Alain FRANCOIS Foie Gras: the Foie Gras that chefs dream of!

« Alain FRANCOIS Foie Gras is the Foie Gras that all Chefs who are looking for an alternative to standard Foie Gras dream off, thanks to its superior taste, texture and the way it behaves when cooked. When I use Alain FRANCOIS Foie Gras, I know there is a whole team of people who love their work who have been involved in its production, from the breeder to the delivery person. Only by encouraging the work of professionals like these will France be able to hold on to its number one position in the world of gastronomy. »