In Nicolas Guiet’s kitchen…


Nicolas Guiet

This is the tale of a meeting of minds between Nicolas GUIET, Chef at the L’U.Ni restaurant in Nantes, and Maison Alain FRANÇOIS, over an exceptional product, Foie Gras. This passionate chef opens the doors to his restaurant and becomes the first ambassador of Maison Alain FRANÇOIS.


A passion is born: a family saga

“Cooking is first and foremost a childhood memory. I remember my mother spending time in her kitchen cooking up family fare. Then, at the age of 15 you have to pick a future. A work place experience in a little brasserie and I was hooked, so off I headed to catering school!”


From family meals to professional cookery

“At catering school I was lucky enough to take my first steps in wonderful establishments* where gastronomy was a source of inspiration. These experiences, combined with fantastic teachers, awoke in me this love of eating well, of being a good host and giving pleasure.

“At La Mare aux Oiseaux I discovered the combination of gastronomic pleasure and how to welcome guests simply and efficiently. It was also there that I first set eyes on Laetitia, my wife, without whom nothing would be possible today.”


The L’U.Ni, the beginnings of a wonderful adventure

“Two years ago, Laetitia and I decided to open our own restaurant, L’U.Ni, a restaurant we wanted to resemble our ‘Home Sweet Home’. We wanted a spot where people would sit down at a table together for a convivial moment and to discover new tastes.”


A cuisine for every season

“I think every chef has their own vision of gastronomy, their own expression. If I had to describe my cuisine, I would say it is reassuring yet surprising, from land and sea but always with a vegetable backbone. These days my dishes are centred on vegetables and herbs which are the hinges without which nothing is possible. I push myself to keep my cuisine alive; I change things as often as possible, in harmony with the seasons.”




Hôtel de la plage * in Sainte Anne la Palud, Le Domaine des Hauts de Loire** in Onzain,

Le Grand Cœur in Méribel, Le Cagnard * in Cagnes sur Mer, L’hôtel les Roches in Lavandou,

L’Escundudo * in Bormes, La Mare Aux Oiseaux* in Saint Joachim.