The Bistronomi’k, a “local” restaurant



Located in the heart of Pornic, the Bistronomi’k select the best of local producers for original, bistro-style dishes. Find out the Alain FRANÇOIS duck meat and Foie Gras.


The Bistronomi’k, a restaurant born of a shared passion…

Marie-Line Tirel was born into the restaurant world. Her grandparents ran the Maison Tirel-Guérin at Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, proud bearer of a Michelin Guide star for more than 30 years. The restaurant’s two Michelin-starred chefs were none other than her father and her uncle. As for her husband, Benoît Lévêque, he trained in renowned restaurants such as the Plaza Athénée in Paris, which ensures him a certain expertise in gourmet cuisine.

“We very quickly focused on a shared passion: the freshness of the produce, their quality, the work in the kitchen and the choice of wines. These shared values have been the foundation of the union that led to us opening this restaurant.”


…Where friendliness rhymes with authenticity

After buying the premises in April 2011, the first task was to create an identity. “It is not a gastronomic restaurant. We cook in a traditional way though our dishes are still refined. We try to create a convivial atmosphere where the client can feel comfortable. At the same time, we offer quality produce at affordable prices. We also wanted to build ties with local suppliers.”
“Restaurant-goers have had enough of places serving up pre-prepared food. We needed a concept that would bring customers back. The line we have adopted is based on the quality and freshness of produce, the terroir and relations with local producers.”


Think local, a winning approach

Keeping the supply chain short offers several advantages. “It means we are able to tell our clients the story behind the produce they are about to taste. When we tell them about the work done at every stage in the production chain, they are much more appreciative of the product’s quality and taste, and have a better understanding of its price. The same goes for our chefs who get much more pleasure out of working with products they know.”

“France is a country of excellent food produce. If we continue to display our culinary values by producing quality, we will continue to attract new clients and cultivate this prestigious image.”


Choosing Duck Foie Gras

“The quality of produce is first and foremost about freshness. When I go to the abattoir I know that the ducks I am collecting were slaughtered that same morning. And what’s more, they are really good quality! Alain FRANÇOIS Foie Gras is perfectly deveined and its firmness after cooking and its texture are irreproachable. It passes our selection criteria with flying colours.”


A motto?

“Above all, a restaurant is about team work. Everyone has a role to play as we build a coherent, viable project over the long term.”


The Bistronomi’k restaurant

20 Rue de la Marine, 44210 Pornic
tél. : +33 2 44 06 50 03