Nicolas Guiet, the Foie Gras ambassador of Maison Alain FRANÇOIS


Nicolas Guiet et Pierre François

The Maison Alain FRANÇOIS has reached out to gastronomy by forming a partnership with a Chef from Nantes: Nicolas Guiet. This association is a tale of the meeting of minds over an exceptional product: Duck Foie Gras.


When Nicolas Guiet speaks about Foie Gras

“Foie Gras often has this connotation of being a festive dish to be kept for end-of-year celebrations. These days, I like to serve it in varied textures and recipes to make it better known and get people wanting to cook it at home. I would like to get rid of this festive connotation and show people how much pleasure can be had from simple Foie Gras recipes.”


From field to fork

“We set up an initial meeting to get to know each other and to restore human values to their rightful place. And indeed it was these human values that made me want to visit Maison Alain FRANÇOIS and its farms, its work machinery, etc.

“During this visit, I realised that human values were well and truly at the heart of relations between Maison Alain FRANÇOIS and the poultry breeders and their staff.

“If I had to say why Alain FRANÇOIS rather than another firm, I would say it is easier for me to talk about a company I feel close to, that shares my values and that, above all, is constantly seeking to progress and improve the quality of its products.”