An interview with Fabrice Augereau: A chef loyal to Maison Alain FRANÇOIS


Fabrice-Augereau -The raw Foie Gras of Maison Alain FRANÇOIS is royal

What makes the Raw Foie Gras of Maison Alain FRANÇOIS so attractive is its quality. An interview with Fabrice Augereau, Chef at the Pigossière.


A look back over a career that was always meant to be

« I loved food from a very early age and didn’t enjoy school work much, so going into cookery seemed the obvious thing to do. My first experiences in restaurants, working summer jobs, confirmed that cooking was indeed a passion and would become my career. After an apprenticeship in a Michelin-starred restaurant, I went on to work in several gastronomic restaurants in the region and in Paris. Some 22 years ago I discovered the world of catering through the Château de la Pigoissière and I am now very happy to be in charge of their kitchens. »


Tradition, sharing and passion

« The Château de la Pigossière has been a family-run business for generations. Located in a peaceful spot in the middle of a wooded estate, there is a special atmosphere at work: the ideas of tradition, sharing and a passion for a job well done are always in evidence. So our choice of partners is paramount if we want to offer quality cuisine. This choice is made over time, years, so that we can build up mutual trust. With a product like Foie Gras, which is an excellent festive product and consequently a key item on our menus, our requirements and expectations are very high. »


Fabrice Augereau and Alain FRANÇOIS: shared values

«I like working with Foie Gras in all its various shapes and forms. Canapes for cocktail receptions are like a playground when it comes to using all the qualities of Foie Gras. Hot, cold, in emulsion or in a workshop demonstration for clients – the possibilities are endless. Our clients are always particularly attentive when it comes to Foie Gras, as if these canapes had that something extra.  So it is vital we choose a Foie Gras of excellent quality. Maison Alain FRANÇOIS has been supplying me with Foie Gras for years. Besides the quality of their products, they share many of our values: they use traditional working methods and constantly aspire to excellence.»


Maison Alain François: building local relationships for excellent Foie Gras

«By using short distribution channels and local production, we can guarantee the freshness and high quality of our Foie Gras. Indeed, what greater pleasure for a Chef than receiving a delivery of freshly slaughtered and perfectly deveined Foie Gras? It saves us time and ensures no rendering during cooking. In the end, the Foie Gras has the perfect texture. So I hope this partnership continues for many years so we can share our long-term ideas, values and know-how.»