Floriant Rémont, a chef raised in a culture of fattened duck.


During the SIRHA (the world hospitality and food service event), Maison Alain FRANÇOIS lets you discover its products of fattened duck through the skills of Chef Floriant Rémont. An interview with this young Chef who puts his talents to good use at Le Potager des Halles in Lyon.


Franck Delhoum et Floriant Rémont

Franck Delhoum et Floriant Rémont

Committed to traditional family cooking…

“I was born in the Basques-Landes region and immersed in the fattened duck culture as a very young child. In my family, there has always been a tradition of using fattened duck in all its forms (duck Foie Gras, duck breast, preserves, confit, crackling and so on), so I naturally turned to an apprenticeship in restaurants offering traditional, family fare before moving to the Bocuse group in Lyon.”


… Just like the Le Potager des Halles restaurant

“While working in the Bocuse group, I made friends with Franck Delhoum (who was chef in one of the group’s brasseries at the time). He opened his restaurant, “Le Potager des Halles” in Lyon in February 2006 and I decided to join him in the adventure. The restaurant is split into three realms – a restaurant, a bistro and a sandwich bar/grocery store – all set in a homely atmosphere.
We both share a passion for cooking up tasty, generous dishes using good produce. We want our love of good eating and drinking to come across in our cuisine.”


Selecting produce: tradition and sharing

“Selecting produce is something of a daily challenge. We mainly work with French produce, wherever possible from within a relatively restricted geographic sector and from small-scale producers. We establish a dialogue with them, so we can thrive and succeed together.
This process of careful selection helps us guarantee optimum freshness and lets us adapt our menus depending on the products, arrivals and moods. Franck Delhoum tries to convey this love for fine things to customers, along with a desire to protect the terroir, which is precious to us and which, we hope, thanks to us and other young chefs, will still be around for years to come.”


Maison Alain FRANÇOIS, a Foie Gras producer who reflects our values

“We share the same values as Maison Alain FRANÇOIS. It is a company committed to tradition and the terroir, dedicated to sharing its passion for the product.
We use fresh, whole, wrapped Foie Gras for raw preparations, with salt or in thick slices, but also when preparing pâté pastry dishes. For our terrines, we use deveined, flash frozen Foie Gras, where melting is kept to a minimum. I really enjoy working with Foie Gras and duck meat from Maison Alain FRANÇOIS because of its consistently high quality.”


Floriant Rémont will be present at the SIRHA event, giving you the chance to taste products from Maison Alain FRANÇOIS. See him from 24 to 28 January 2015, from 11am to 3pm on stand G2 B14.