Grégoire Jouslin, a chef who marries local products and exotic flavours



Le Shore is a chic new brasserie on the Bay of La Baule in France. Alain FRANÇOIS Foie Gras, the freshest catch, seasonal fruits and vegetables, these are the ingredients of the delightful cuisine created by Chef Grégoire Jouslin.


An education marked by gastronomy

“After a general secondary school education, the BAC, I entered the École Supérieure de Cuisine Française in Paris where I learned gourmet cooking and met people who were decisive in shaping my vision of cuisine.

My training afforded me the opportunity to work in the kitchens of Lasserre in Paris (1 Michelin star), the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome (1 Michelin star), Neuvième Art in St-Just-St-Rambert (2 Michelin stars) as well as Bras in Laguiole (3 Michelin stars). With my degree in hand I moved closer to the ocean to continue to do what I love.”


Unique cuisine, with an exotic influence

“I started my career in the restaurant Anne de Bretagne (2 Michelin stars) in la Plaine-sur-Mer. A bit of wanderlust and the desire to discover new things took me to the kitchens of the St Regis in Bora Bora. There I discovered fusion food that uses Asian spices and French culinary techniques working with local products like coconut milk, pineapple, local spices, fish, etc.”


Le Shore, the perfect place to express this creativity…

“I joined the kitchen at Le Shore when it opened last month. I was lucky enough to be able to develop my cuisine, make it fit with my tastes and recruit my own team. The menu reflects my cooking methods and the general concept of the restaurant.
I have developed a gourmand cuisine working with local products from the markets and the fish auction. I like to offer clients something they don’t see in other restaurants in the same class. Even if we serve brasserie classics, they’re prepared differently, using special oils and other exceptional condiments.”


…By selecting the best regional products.

“I only select fresh products. Alain FRANÇOIS Foie Gras was suggested to me by wholesaler Palmiloire and I was pleasantly surprised to find a Foie Gras producer in Nantes. I like telling diners that my duck Foie Gras doesn’t come from the South-West of France, it comes from Bouaye in the Loire-Atlantique area. It only took one sample of their duck Foie Gras Extra selection deveined wrapped to convince me of the quality and the reliability of the product. I also work with the duck breast which is very tender and perfectly calibrated.”


Simply Foie Gras

“I use it gently cooked as a terrine, with a strawberry Sichuan pepper and spice compote (including turmeric, coriander, tarragon) with a toasted slice of apricot, nut, fig Gana bread that compliments the Foie Gras nicely. This Foie Gras terrine is available all year long and I change the compote with the seasons.

As for the duck breast, I prepare it with market vegetables and a sauce based on poultry broth, coconut milk and spices.”


A Leitmotif?

“My greatest satisfaction is hearing clients’ opinions. The best advice you’ll ever get is feedback directly from the diner, and to my mind that’s the greatest motivator.”



Brasserie Le Shore

35 Boulevard de l’Océan, 44500 La Baule-Escoublac – FRANCE

Tél. : 02 40 60 14 75